God’s life is the best quality of life, it’s a life that never dies and never goes deem. This life is not sustained by our body system, but it’s sustained by Gods spirit. When a king is anointed in the Old Testament, the bible immediately records that he becomes another man, like the anointing on him changes him entirely, like a transformation takes place.

God put his life in us, and that quality of life changes us totally inside out. We are different; we are not ordinary, because the source of our life is from the supernatural. This life within us has the potential to quicken our mortal bodies to life eternal. Romans 8:11

You are not ordinary; you are the very representation of god here in this world. The life should reflect in all we do, academics, business, family. We are the very image and likeness of God. We are not ordinary.

But why do we live in this world and we still see the degradation, even with the presence of the church, the very people of God. Check the state of the nations of the world, when we talk of the wealthiest men of the world we see only those who don’t believe God, the BILL GATES and Warren Buffets are not saved folks, these men do legal businesses and they don’t have the Holy Spirit, yet make so much impact in the world.

How can we impact our world? We complain of the government and leadership problems all over the world, the corruption, drought, floods, the deaths, terrorism, why are we here? There is no time to waste, we have been talking about finding your purpose, but you must grow to reach our maximum potential.

We read of our brother Daniel in the book of Daniel, it’s said of Daniel that he was a man that has an excellent spirit, an exceptional spirit, a man who distinguished himself that he was made a ruler in his time. The king Nebuchadnezzar was not a Christian, in a kingdom were the king wasn’t a believer Daniel makes the difference. Daniel 5:12; 6:3.

The Holy Spirit makes that difference in us, Job said that there is a spirit in man and the spirit of the almighty gives him understanding. The presence of God distinguishes you the believer.

We need to be men of understanding, Paul said and my lord shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory, through Christ Jesus, GOD takes care of your need and you take care of your wants.

I know a very fat sister, who believes God that she will be slim, and still eats fatty foods, sorry sister, you will get fatter. It’s not the job of the Holy Ghost to make you slim, what you have is called fats, and it can be burnt out by jogging and dropping on your intake of fatty foods and cream and oily meals, stop troubling God about what you can handle.

We are just been lazy, that’s why we cannot make any impact, and we expect the lord to take care of everything so we can just relax and eat and be fat.

We must grow to reach our maximum potential, how? By working, practicing and exercising our gifts as the opportunities arise. We got no time to be lazy about our lives and futures.

I would like to share with you some sights that are very important for success in life, when we speak of sight, we are talking about the way you see, your ability to see. How you are able to perceive situations will help in bringing about solution. Perception is everything, your perceptions determines your attitude.

  • SIGHT:

 When we talk of sight, we are referring to your ability to see, with your eyes you can see the natural, but we are not talking about your physical eyes we are talking about your minds eyes. Sight speaks of your view, your perspective of life and situations. That perspective built overtime is called mindset. When we talk of mindset, we talk of a habitual or characteristic mental attitude, which determines how you will interpret or respond to situations.

We all respond to situations differently, why? Because we see things differently, trained from different backgrounds. Mindset are like spectacles, when you put a pink spectacle on, everything turns pink in your eyes. Some people sees things very negatively because of their mindset, our mindset affects our relationships with people, our attitude to work and life.

A mindset can either be negative or positive; we need to maintain a positive mindset to have success and to be successful in life. Someone with a negative mindset trust nobody, gets easily worried, full of fear all the time and believes nothing and nobody, cannot work with anyone, other than themselves, complains about everyone, always right never takes to corrections because they believe that they are better, there are those who look down on others because they have a mindset of the kind of people they can relate with, that’s a negative mindset and it’s not good for success.

A positive mindset for example been kind to others, and treating older people with respect, going to work early. Your mindset helps you in building the right values. So your mindset affects the way you see people and things.


Mindsets are learned as a result of the experiences we have had in our lives. The thoughts, beliefs, assumptions, and attitudes about ourselves and the world around us are conclusions we arrive at, based on what has happened in our lives. We learn things in different ways. We may learn from direct experiences, the media, observing what other people do, and listening to what people say. This means that our experiences in our childhood, family of origin, and the particular society we lived in, schools we went to, and with our friends – all these have influenced our thoughts and beliefs about all sorts of things, including ourselves, eating, body shape and weight, and control. When we arrive at particular conclusions about ourselves or the world and others, we may also begin to behave in certain ways as a result of these conclusions. When this happens, our behavior then serves to reinforce or strengthen that conclusion.

It may be helpful to think of your mind as a DVD player and your mindsets as a collection of DVDs. What you see on the screen depends on what DVD is being played. Everyone has different mindsets within themselves, different ‘DVDs’, for example a ‘work’ DVD or a ‘friends’ DVD. These get activated in different settings, and influence your thinking and behavior differently when you’re at work or out with friends.

There is a right mindset for achieving success in life, there are guys that have the mindset that using any means whether legal or illegal means is okay, but that is a wrong mindset.

The bible says that, we should not be conformed to the mindset of this world, the world has a mindset and God has a mindset, but we should be transformed,metamorphosed;a marked change in appearance,character,condition and function, a total change from inside out. Romans 12:2

Without this change you cannot comprehend what the will of God is.This is a process, it’s not magic but a change that occurs when you come in contact with the word of God and yield to its working in your life.

Paul further stated, let this mindset which was in Christ be in you. This attitude; Philippians 2:5 and in 1corinthians 2:5b says; we have the mindset of Christ.

The word of God is complete, it teaches you the mind set of Christ and that’s what a believer should possess. It teaches you Gods mindset on business, relationships, love, marriage, success, money and so on.

Take time to develop the right mindset for success, the book of Matthew 6:22-23, puts it better, “the eye is the lamp of the body, if your eyes are sound, your whole body will be full of light, but if otherwise it will be full of darkness”. Simply put your sight of life, determines the direction of your life.

About tajhmahal

i am Pastor,life coach, writer and a motivator,an inspirational speaker.I write on practical issues and how to live according to Gods word and way.
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