Vision is the ability to see.
It is a mental image produced by your imagination.
It is also the ability to see into the supernatural.
Vision is the basis for success in life, failure is certain without vision.
Today most transactions are carried with the sighting of your identity card, without sighting nobody freely does any kind of transfer. With the physical eyes you sight clearly, but to be successful you need more than your physical eyes, you need mental eyes.
Our physical eyes are limited but our mental eyes can see far and beyond what the physical eyes can see, through the use of the mental faculty called the imagination.
Proverbs 29:18 “where there is no vision, the people cast off their restraints”
Vision is vital for good leadership; every leader must have a vision to lead well.
Look at the world today; things go crazy because of lack of leaders with good vision.
Vision helps you to focus, without a vision you cannot focus and with that you will not be able to hit your target. So ask yourself this question as you read this blog “what is my vision”.
Men without vision are blind men. Imagine been led by a blind man.Try take a walk out in the streets with your eyes closed, and tell me the feeling, injury or death is certain.
God told Abraham in Genesis 13 “look, as far as your eyes can see” God can only do as far as your eyes can see, he was saying to Abram, see beyond your physical eyes, see beyond the natural, put your imagination to work.
Our God is able to do exceedingly, above and beyond what we can ask or imagine.Eph.3:20
Before you build a house, you have a mental picture of that building, then you meet an architect, he draws and designs the picture on paper, that design stands as the guide for the building of that structure, but first you have a mental picture.
The same thing with your life, you must have a mental picture of your future or the kind of future you want to have, then you write it down, draw up a design according to principles, without this deliberate steps success is not achievable.
Sight is vital for success. Success is not achieved by chance; there are deliberate and conscious steps that will get you there.
Success is a continuous process of praying, planning and executing. Just praying alone isn’t enough, you must move from your knees to the table, then out to the field, then back to your knees again, then the table and to the field, it’s a continuous process of life.
There is no magic about been successful in life, like I earlier mention, it’s a choice to succeed and it doesn’t happen by chance.Sucess is a journey, a process.
There are different kinds of success but I am talking about the good success.
Joshua 1:8; the word of God is the best guide to get good success or Gods success. Gods success must be achieved Gods way.
1.      Your position affects your vision :Genesis 13:14 “lift up your eyes from where you are and look”
Sometimes we allow our condition to determine our position.donot take a permanent position over a temporal condition.
God told Abraham from where you are, your position might be poor today, broke today, sick today, frustrated today, but don’t allow it restrict your sight.
Lift up your eyes, stop looking down on yourself, life up your eyes and look.
God will only give you what you can see. Genesis 13:15.
A man who wavers in his mind will not receive anything from God; keep your focus on your vision, look. James 1:7, 8.
Keep your sight on the perfect law of liberty; the word of God. James 1:22-25
Maintain the right network “evil communication corrupts good manners” you cannot be a success hanging out with lazy and visionless people, who have no plans for their lives.
Stand on the mountain and keep watch Habakkuk 2:1
2.      Write the vision and break it down: Habakkuk 2:2
Before you begin talking about it, write it down and make it plain on tablets.
That’s exactly what the architects helps you to do, when he designs your building plan.
Any vision not written down may not be achieved.
Every successful man or organization is guided by his vision and mission statement.
What is your vision and mission statement?
The vision is the big picture, what you want to be in life, but the mission clearly begins to step by step define how you will achieve the vision.
In doing that, you begin to set goals for yourself.
They could either be short term goals and long term goals, for your business, family, academics, ministry and life.
This is the stage were you plan how you will achieve your goals.
Even our father God has a plan Jeremiah 29:11 “for I know the plans I have for you, declares the lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, to give you hope and a future”
God’s vision for humanity is clearly stated and defined.
If our father has a plan, then we must sit down and do same.
He, who fails to plan, plans to fail.
3.      It’s for an appointed time; there’s a time appointed for the fulfillment of the vision.Ecclesiates 3:1, 11; makes us know that to everything there is a time and a season, and he makes all things beautiful in its time.Dont fret, God is always on time, He never fails. In God there is no African man time, or British time but An Appointed time. Your appointed time is coming.
4.      Delay is not denial; the fact that it’s taking time doesn’t mean it will not happen. “it may linger, wait for it, it will certainly come “
It may linger, but Wait, it won’t delay.
When a farmer plants a seed, the seed doesn’t just start to grow, but there’s a period of waiting, because the process of germination must take place. During the waiting process before it turns a tree and begins to bear its fruit, the farmer will water the plant, prune it, and weed it, so that the seed will grow into a fruitful tree.
A farmer doesn’t just plant a seed and go to sleep, the waiting process is also a working process.
A pregnant woman waits for a period of 9 months before she puts to birth, that period is the period of growth for the unborn baby, so the mother must go for constant checkup’s, eat the right food and keep healthy, cause this will affect the baby’s health. The waiting process for her is not a period of inactivity.
So it is for the child of GOD, there is a period of waiting, but during this period you pray and involve yourself in activities that will bring about the achievement of your goals.
Job in his period of test said “I will wait until, my change comes”
Isaiah 40:28-31; clearly shows us what happens in the period of waiting; our strength is renewed as the Eagles.
Success is a continuous process of praying, waiting, planning, executing and achieving.
But it all starts with a Vision.
Inspired by the Holy Spirit
Written by; Tajhmahal

About tajhmahal

i am Pastor,life coach, writer and a motivator,an inspirational speaker.I write on practical issues and how to live according to Gods word and way.
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