A boy gathers material for a temple,and when he is thirty,concludes to build a woodshed.   
 Henry David Thoreau 

The words second-place,average,ordinary,inferior,common-place,are they familiar to you?according to Thomas Carlyle “the world is a republic of mediocrities and always was”
Mediocrity is a state of been a mediocre; A mediocre is someone who is lacking exceptional quality or ability,he is average,ordinary,inferior,common-place.
A mediocre is not necessary a person who is not gifted,but a mediocre is someone who is gifted but has refused to maximize his or her potential to the fullest,hence he becomes ordinary.
Every extraordinary man today was once ordinary,extraordinary is a combination of two words,extra+ordinary,when you put some extra on the ordinary you become extraordinary,but mediocre refuse to add that extra,hence they live inferior lives.
We must realize that we are all gifted people,God gave us talents,each and everyone of us,talents come natural,there is something that you are better at than the rest of the world.There is no one without a talent at least,in this world,its our responsibility to discover our talents and begin to maximize it to the fullest.
Nelson Mandela said,its not what you have that matters but what you do with what you have.Men who are successful today made good use of what they had.
Imagine gathering materials to build a temple and instead build a woodshed.There are so many people in this world, that have so much potential,but put limits on themselves and never become the best that God would have them become.
According to Joseph Heller, some are born mediocre,some men achieve mediocrity and some have mediocrity thrust upon them”
You may be one the above mentioned but you can breakout of it and start to live life to its fullest and achieve your dreams.
Average is the greatest enemy of success,settling for the less,refusing to stand up and go for what you believe.

Gideon in the bible,in the book of Judges 6,already had settled for less,because of his condition,the  had sinned against God and he was angry with them, so God gave the israelites unto the hands of the philistines,the philistines took hold of the city and took everything the lsralites had,so out of fear gideon was  hiding,a man who though a giant,but fear made him loose confidence in himself.
Fear is one of the reasons why we settle for less.Gideon,a giant who didnt recognise his abilities because of the fear of the philistines.That’s the story of some of us,we need to awaken the giant in us,the sleeping giants in us.we need to rise up out of mediocrity and say enough is enough.
Mediocres are full of excuses,reasons why they cant do anything about their potential,Gideons excuse when confronted by the angel was “if the lord has not forsaken us” sometimes we sit down and wait for God to come down and turn our situation around,but God is actually waiting for us to make the move.
God is an action God,a God more concerned about his purpose,the angel didn’t respond to Gideons complaint.God doesnt respond to excuses,but he responds to faith.
What are your excuses,i am sure you have alot,why you are where you are,why you are poor and broke,why things are the way they are,but you need to lift your eyes above your limitation and hear the word,GO! that was what the angel told Gideon,and God is saying it to you also,Go in this thy might,you dont need extra grace or anointing,the ability that you have is enough to get this job completed.We need to stop hiding and come out of our shells and begin to make the most use of our God given abilities.

Another interesting story was the story of the four leprous men,in 2kings 7;they were shut out from entering the city,because they were considered unclean since they were leprous,and there was a famine in Israel at that time,but they refuse to die ordinary,they had been in the gate all this while. They asked themselves a very important question i want you to ask yourself “why stay we here till we die?” they realised that if they stay out of the city they will die,if they go in the city they will die,well they chose to go to the camp of the enemy,can you imagine that? sometimes in life you must take some level of risks to achieve your dreams,fear will always hold you back.when they got to the camp,they met more than enough,the bible never said they were healed of leprousy,but you need to know that they had mental leprousy and they were healed of that.
The battle is in the mind,your limitation is in your mind,your condition have held you down and you have restricted yourself to a particular life.You say to yourself, “I can never be better than this” i have heard people say that they were born to suffer and struggle.Dont allow your condition determine your decisions,decide today to move,stop giving those excuses,get up from your slumber and start living your dreams.
Your ability to turn your obstacles as stepping stones is what will give you succsess.Be courageous,brace yourself up and make that move.you have been thinking about, but you never took,now is the time to do that,rise up and take charge of your life.The top is a place for you.The road to greatness is not without troubles,check out the story of any great man,they had to overturn obstacles to succeed.
The great Nelson Mandella,was locked up in prison for many years and maltreated but he didnt give up,he kept fightinh till he achieved the dream.
The late Martin Luther king,fought for the dream till he died,today that dream has been achieved.
David in scriptures though he was anointed king but he had to overturn the giants to finally be made king.
Dont be a mediocre,refuse to settle for less,refuse to be ordinary.If there’s anytime to start living your dreams its now,its better to try,than not to have tried at all,you may not achieve the dream in your life time but generations after you will remenber you.
The dream is achievable,you have all it takes,dont give up on yourself,like the woman with the issue of blood,press forth and get a hold of the garment even if its with your last breath,she thought if i could but touch the hem of his garment i will be made whole and she struggled through,even when the disciples tried to stop her.
sometimes you dont want to try again,because you failed before,i have failed before too,but i am not giving up as far as i have got breath in me,let that be your decision.The disciples had given up on fishing for that day but at the word of Jesus,they tried again,i DARE YOU TO TRY AGAIN,dont give up,wipe the tears and get to work.
Life is not fare,it will not give you what you deserve,it will only give to you what you demand of it.
Its not over until you win.

About tajhmahal

i am Pastor,life coach, writer and a motivator,an inspirational speaker.I write on practical issues and how to live according to Gods word and way.
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