Further take heed that you faithfully,perform the Business you have to do,in this world,from a regards to the commands of God and not from an Ambitious drive of being Esteemed better than others.

David Brainard.

Words are powerful and your understanding of a word,in a text can give you the correct or the wrong meaning of the message.
I have spent hours to be able to come to a conclusion on this matter,so i would like you to read this blog with understanding and an open mind.
I used to think that the word Ambition meant something bad,infact i have read a few blogs that give that picture.Lets define and distinguish Ambition from Selfish Ambition.
Ambition means the determination to achieve success in lif or some distinction.Ambition is determination itself,a drive.Determination is a tool for success in life.
Goal setting is just a part of achieving success,without determination,you cannot succeed in life.
I remenber one of the questions i was asked in one of my first Job interviews was,”Are you an ambitious person” no firm wants to employ someone with a drive,someone without determination,someone without an ambition.
A man who has no personal ambition cannot be a success in the building of a firm,the idea is,you want to be a success and you understand that,if the comapany succeeds you succeed also,so ambition is vital for success in life.
Ambition involves action,a direct action.Goals only define your destination but your ambition takes you there.so having goals is not enough.
But there is another kind of Ambition called Selfish ambition;
Selfish Ambition means to be self seeking and always looking out for ones own interest above the interest of anyone else.Trying to make yourself look bigger and better than others,pursuing a goal and not caring about anyone else but yourself,totally concerned only about ones self.such people are not good for any organisation.
The bible teaches us to be selfless,esteeming others above ourselfs.Romans 12:10.
Mans greatest enemy today is not the Devil but Self.Satan uses ourselves as a tool against our selves.
lets take a look at a few examples;
Cain could not stand the fact that God treated Abels sacrifice better,so he killed abel.why would he kill his brother,because of the thing called self.
Absalom,King David’s son tried to overthrow his father and become king,why because of selfish interest.
Korah and his brothers tried to take out moses because they felt they could do the job better,its all because of self.
James puts it better; James 4:1-3,lets read
“What causes fights and quarresl among you?dont they come from your desires within you?”
The desire to be first,the desire to be at the top.We fight one another,we keep a grudge,we feel bad when our neighbour is elevated and wish them to fail so we can be chosen,is it not because of our selfish ambitions?
Lets continue,”You want somethin but you dont get it,you kill and covet,but you cannot have what you want.you quarrel and fight,you donnot have because you dont ask God”
We need to distinguish our wants from our need.Economics say that the wants of man are insatiable,cannot be satisfied.we keep wanting,more and more and more till we meet our death.
we want and covet,to covet is to want what belongs to another and the readiness to do anything to get it.
The rich man has alot of money but wants more,you have your own wife but you still want another mans wife.
You can admire what belongs to someone but the desire to want to take it from them and the readiness to do anything to get it,becomes sin.
“When you ask you donnot receive,because you ask with wrong motives,that you spend what you get on your own pleasures.”
Thats taking the bull by the horn,God knows the heart and intents of man,you dont receive even when you ask,because you have a selfish ambition to spend all on your own pleasures.Its all about you and no one else,thats why people get into government office and loot the treasury of the state,because of their selfish ambition,but if they can direct their ambitions according to Gods command they will become success and others will benefit.
How can you know the purpose of a product without talking to the manufacturer.what then is purpose?Purpose goes beyong satisfying our immediate needs,it is in a sense identifying our reason for being,why am i here?Purposew is not concerned merely with survival,whereas when we identify our needs we see them as what we must have to survive in this life.Purpose is freeing needs are restricting.Your purpose will be found within your passion;check blog on power of passion:(http://lifeofpurpose1.blogspot.com/2012/07/power-of-passion.html)Talent may play a role but people can learn any skill requirement.Without passion talent can be largely ineffective.
Purpose is the reason why you are here,why you are born into the family you are in.Where purpose is not known abuse is innevitable.
Purpose is not the fight fight thing we have in the world.Its not about satisfying a want,your life is more than all of these things.We spend time to worry about clothes,food,power,position,but our reason for living is much more than all this things we chase after. Matthew 6:26b.
Trying to show us the importance of our purpose over our wants,the writer asked a very important question “Which of you by worrying can add an hour to his life?”Matthew 6:27.
We chase after things that satisfy temporarily,I hate to use the words “Hustling”,stop the hustle an bustle,ask GOD,why am i here?
I must state clearly here,you can not find lasting satisfaction without God.The purpose of your life can only be found in God.
People who have relationship with God,should not run after things,Matthew 6:32.The unbelievers should run after things.Our life is worth more than things,what you should eat,wear or drink?
“But seek ye first Gods kingdom..”Matthew 6:33.
Stop chasing whats temporal,start chasing what gives earthly and eternal satisfaction.
The reason you are never satisfied is because you think only about yourself,what you want,but when you begin to think about how you can begin to affect and bring change to humanity,through the discovery and maximising of your purpose,you get satisfaction that leads to eternity.
Direct your ambition to the fulfillment of your purpose here on earth and not to the satisfaction of self.,depending not on your skills totally but on Gods grace.

About tajhmahal

i am Pastor,life coach, writer and a motivator,an inspirational speaker.I write on practical issues and how to live according to Gods word and way.
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