“You can’t do anything about your past,but you can do something about your present and your future by the words you speak today”

There is a clear difference between asking for something and talking it.
When you ask for something,you are making a request,when you talk it,you are making a declaration.
Our life is a combination of our thoughts,requests and declarations.
The bible says “Out of the abundance of the heart,the mouth speaketh”.
Every spoken word is a finished product from the heart or mind.
Our heart first settles on it before our mouth speaks it.
That’s why the bible cautions us to Guard our hearts,because out of it flows the issues of life.We speak what we are.
We must make it an obligation to guard our heart,In other words we must be careful about what we give our attention to.What you watch and what you listen to.Your eyes and your ears are doorways to your heart.
Our lives is built by our beliefs,what we ask for and what we speak.
The totality of a man’s life consist of his belief system.How you think,lays the foundation of your life,but your words are the bricks you use in the actual building itself,but if the foundation is not strong the building is certain to come crumbling down.
Thinking a thing doesnt guarantee success but speaking it,over and over again,till you see it.
You are a product of your words.
Proverbs 18:21 says,”Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and they who indulge in it shall eat the fruit of it [for death or life].”
Death and life are entirely two extremes.There can not be more extremes than death and life.
Your words can either produce death or life.
Jesus said “The words that i speak to you are spirit and they are life”
The world we see today is the product of our words.Your life today is the product of your words.
“And they who indulge in it,will eat the fruit there of” 
Your negative words will produce death and your positive words or word of faith will produce life.
You can not be more than your words,your words are the standard of your life.
That means your success or failure in life is tied to the words you say.Romans 10:8
We are snared by the words of our mouth,the words spoken by other people will have no effect as far as we refuse to accept them,but the words spoken by us has the ability to destroy or better our lives.Proverbs 6:2.
The earth was created by the word from the mouth of God,from Genesis 1:3,”And God said”our words have the ability to create our desires into existance.
“God calleth those things that be not as though they were” Romans 4:17.
We have the power to create the kind of life we desire with our words,start creating.
Especially if you are a born again child of God,stop complaining and start creating,your words can either make you or unmake you.Start speaking to reality those things that be not.
Do not allow your condition to develop your confession but let your faith in the word of God build your confession.
Develop the right mentality by hearing the word of God,”Faith comes by hearing the word of God” Romans 10:17.
Start speaking what God’s word has said about you,start creating your world with the spoken word of God.
All that you need to succeed is in your mouth.
Speak words of success and not defeat,your words define your thoughts,i can tell if you are defeated already by the words that proceed out of your mouth.
Speak your way to the top,stop speaking defeat.
Your words can either release fear or faith.
When you speak negative words,negative things are sure to be released into your atmosphere,but if you speak positive words good is sure to come to you.Start declaring into reality the life you want to have and you will have it in no short time.

There is a time for everything,a time to ask,a time to declare,now is the time to begin to decalare;I am healed;I am a success;All my needs are met;I am rich in Christ;Lines are falling for me in pleasant places.
Start making declarations and what you speak is what you will see.

About tajhmahal

i am Pastor,life coach, writer and a motivator,an inspirational speaker.I write on practical issues and how to live according to Gods word and way.
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