“Remember there is no such thing as small act of kindness.Every act creates a ripple with no logical end.” Scott Adams

Kind,caring and considerate behaviors stem from thoughtfulness.It grows out of a conscious awareness and compassion.
Having or showing heed for the well-being or happiness of others and propensity for anticipating their needs or wishes.
It doesn’t mean twisting and bending out of alignment to meet the needs of others,but it flows from a heart of compassion.
Today,we leave in a world,where people have closed their bowels of mercy and are no more kind to others,lets look at a few reasons why people have become hard and thoughtless.
Fear is the main course for thoughtlessness and the reluctance we attach to helping others.What are thses fears;

  • Fear of been taken advantage of by others 
This comes as a result of lack of trust for others,some people have had bad experiences from helping people in the past and because they were dealth with badly,they have closed their bowels of mercy and made up their mind not to show kindness but to be unconcerned.

  • Fear of being hurt by others
We are so afraid that we might be hurt by others,most of our fears come from the results of the experiences we had or the experiences of others.
  • Fear of no reward

some of us expect our reward from people,especially when you help them,so people dont want to help you,if they know they will not be rewarded or paid back.
But there is enormous rewards for been thoughtful,lets see a few persons that showed thoughtfulness and how they were rewarded;

  • THE SHUNAMMITES WOMAN (2Kings 4:8-17).
The shunammite woman was a rich and well respected woman in her society.
Elijah was a prophet of God who went to visit shunem .The woman was obviously a kind hearted woman,that she offered that the prophet comes to eat at her place,since he always came around.
She was not only kind but sensitive,to know that elijah was a Holy man of God(2kings 4:9)
She prepared a room just for him,so he could lay his head to rest whenever he came around.
Elijah never asked for help from her,but out of her thoughtfulness she did what she did to make the prophet comfortable.
She didnt help because she wanted something from the man of God,like most of us do;you give money to a man of god because you want prayers,not like its totally wrong if you are lead by Gods Spirit and you have understanding,even when the prophet asked what can i do for you?she told him she was comfortable,“I have a home amongst my people”v13.
This is a woman without child,i know how people run from one church to the other looking for a child,that some are led astray,but because of her thoughtfulness to the prophet of God,she evetually got a son of her own.
Imagine if she wasn,t thoughtful,the prophet may not have noticed her,and she may not have gotten the miracle.
Be kind at all times,let your kindness not be only when you are alright and happy,make it a habitual thing.
You will reap what you sow,when you are kind to people you commit them to be kind to you too.Dont allow bitterness and hurts to stop you from receiving your blessing.
  • THE SHEEP’S AND THE GOAT’S (Matthew 25:31-46).
Sometimes in our faith walk,we focus on doing big things,but Jesus is even more concerned about the little things that we pay no attention to.
Matthew 7:22-23 “many will say on that day’lord,lord,did i not prophesy in your name,and in your name drive out demons,and perform many miracles? Then i will tell them plainly ‘i never knew you,depart from me,you evil doers”
The miracles,the prophesies and the number of demons you cast out,certainly won’t count,on that day of judgement,but the very little things,that we give cognition to,are what will count.
For i was hungry and you gave me something to eat,i was thirsty and you gave me something to drink,i was a stranger and you invited me in,i needed clothes and you clothe me,i was sick and you looked after me,i was in prison and you came to visit me”Matthew 25:35-36
You would have thought like me,that the king would be more concerned about,”how much time you spent in church,or how many activities you particpated in.”
These guys did not know when they did all this,they had a habit of thoughtfulness and they did all this to others not knowing it was the lord.
They asked him,”When?”,because they don’t remenber doing it to Jesus.
The king replied “When you did it for one of the least of these,brothers of mine,you did it for me.”
There are people we see everyday,in our churches,where we live,less privilledge,we ignore and refuse to help them,we close our bowels of mercy.
Who would have thought,the king would look from that area,those things we think don’t matter,really do matter the most.
Hebrews 13:2,furthers show us that sometimes when we are thoughtful to others,we sometimes helped angels.“Some entertained angels without knowing”
We see a beautiful story here how, Rebekah’s thoughtfulness earned her a husband.
Abraham was old and going to die,he made his servant vow to go to get a wife for his son Isaac from amongst his people.
When Abraham’s servant finally got to the town of Nahor,knowing the seriousness of his mission,he prayed and ask God to lead him.
Seeing many beautiful damsels,he needed to be certain he had the right one,for Isaac.
He prayed “may it be that when i say to a girl,please let down your jar,that i may have a drink,and she says’Drink and i will water your carmels too’Let her be the one you have chosen for your servant Isaac.By this i will know,that you have shown kindness to my master”
Just after he had finished praying,here comes sweet Rebekah;
She did exactly what the servant of Abraham had asked God in prayer.
This event shows to us that Rebekah was always a kind woman,to feed the servant was one thing but to feed carmels was another thing.
She earned a husband when she wasn’t looking for one.When you are thoughtful,prospective husbands will look for you and not you looking for them.
Men out there are not just looking for beautiful women,but kind hearted women to marry,are you one?
When you have an opportunity to show kindness,always grab it,because you don’t know who you are been kind to,be thoughtful always.
We are not kind because we want a reward,but kind people always get good things and kindness in return in a double fold,you loose some contacts because of your attitude of thoughtlessness,don’t allow your fears make you loose out on your blessing.

About tajhmahal

i am Pastor,life coach, writer and a motivator,an inspirational speaker.I write on practical issues and how to live according to Gods word and way.
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