Dreams are the seeds of change. Nothing ever grows without a seed, and nothing ever changes without a dream.
Derby Boone

God is a God of process,he is not a magician as some would try to make him look.Magicians make things out of nothing but God makes things out of something.God always involves us in the process of fulfilling his word and purpose in our lives.
In the creation of the world,he spoke and it was,his spoken word was the agent for creation.Even when he created man,he didn’t speak man into existence,but he made man from the dust of the earth.God is always found connecting with something to create something.
In the creation of our future,God has given us his word which when we believe it,we can have all our desires come to pass.Our faith is based on the word of God.He is a relationship God,he wants fellowship and partnership with you in the building of your life.
At every point in time we must connect with something to achieve something.
There is always an agreement for something to be birth.
A man must connect sexually with a woman to give birth to a child.We see the connection of two at every time.We make better progress when we agree with another.
“When two of you shall agree concerning a thing it shall be established”Matthew 18:19,we must understand that there is great power in two coming together.
God is a God of principle and process,i believe that anything that appears will disappear.
Here in this story in Luke 9:11-17,we see an extraordinary miracle,performed by Jesus,again teaching us the principle of connection and multiplication.
Jesus had just finished teaching the crowd of over five thousand people and healed those that needed healing,but the people had been with him for a while and they where now hungry,the disciples asked Jesus to send them away,but Jesus been a compassionate teacher said,you can,t send them away like that,give them something to eat.
The disciples recognised that,they were in a remote place,a desert place,you certainly can’t get anything in a desert place and that was a problem,but Jesus had spoken to them like he didn’t recognise that they were in a desert place,”Get them something to eat”.
But all they had was five loaves and two fishes,how can you feed over five thousand persons with five loaves and two fish?
It was impossible to feed over five thousand with five loaves and two fish,but Jesus who understood the principle of multiplication needed to teach his disciples another lesson,and i would like to show us how you can turn your seed to a surplus.
Its Gods will that we have more than enough,its his will we have to overflowing,thats Gods intention,but how can you experience this in a remote place with not enough,but they forgot that Jesus was the more than enough.
Jesus fed over five thousand people,comprising of men and women with children to satisfaction,you should know that we all have different levels of satisfaction and everybody was fed to full and there was leftovers of about twelve full baskets,this is a clear plan of God for us to be fed to overflowing and surplus.
Nothing is wasted in the kingdom Jesus asked them to gather the surplus,because according to scriptures the surplus is for others,we are to give away the surplus,the surplus is not for you.So lets see the principles behind the multiplication of your seed to surplus;

  • Principle of the seed
The forest we see today is the product of a seed,every tree came forth from the planting of a seed.The seed is pregnant with your dreams and visions
.The word of God is like a seed,pregnant with revelation that will produce your good success.
The word of God is the seed,the word is pregnant with Gods purpose for you.Luke 8:11;Jeremiah 29:11
The seed is a potential,your gifts your God given abilities.God needs that seed to connect with his word to produce your desired harvest.You must have something in your hand for God to be able to do a miracle in your life.
He asked Moses “Whats that you have in your hand”(Exodus 4:2)
God wants to use the seed in your hand to create your future,the problem we have is that we think that our seed is not enough,we try to compare our seed with others and we feel inferior but God is saying, whats that you have in your hand?
You must have a seed,your seed must connect with the soil of the word of God to produce your harvest,if you must experience multiplication,then you must have a seed.
The woman whose husband the prophet died in debt,told the prophet “i have nothing save a pot of oil” (2Kings 4:1-7). She called her pot of oil nothing,that’s how some of us call our seed,nothing,but God has power in that seed to produce your future,you don,t need a huge seed,Jesus said “if you have faith as small as a mustard seed,you can say unto this mountain move and do not doubt in your heart, it will move” (Mark 11:23).
Don,t undermine your seed,it has special power to produce your desired future.
Elisha asked her to go borrow other vessels,he didn’t ask her to borrow seed,but he asked her to borrow vessels,and pour into those vessels from her little pot of oil and the bible says as she did it,she filled those borrowed pots from her small pot of oil that was called “Nothing”,i tell you those things you consider as nothing God will use to bring your dreams to reality.
He uses the foolish things of this world to confound the wise,he uses the weak things to shame the strong,he uses the least likely,what the world rejects and dumps,he can turn your story around for the best. (1Corinthians 1:27)
Jesus said “Except a corn of wheat falls to the ground and dies it abides alone” John 12:24. We need a seed to be able to key into Gods principle of multiplication,what do you have in your hands,everyone has a seed, a talent, a gift in different areas of life,you are born with some sort of ability and that’s your key to success,so we need a seed.
  • The Principle of Strategy(planning and execution)
Jesus is not a dull person,he told his disciples “Have them sit in groups of about fifty each”.
We need to learn from Jesus,he wasnt just a healer he is the master planner, having a seed is not enough,we need to have a strategy.
This is the time where we not just set goals but we have a plan on how we will bring the goals to realization.Jesus obviously had a plan and he was ready to bring it to reality.
So many people are blessed with so much talent and potential but they are in abject poverty.
Just having a talent is not enough, but making your talent produce for you is the main issue.
You need a strategy,a plan on the move.Jesus arranged the crowd to bring some order so that everyone will be properly fed without a rush.
You need to set goals in order of importance not urgency,Firstly you need to know your God given purpose for your life,why has God blessed you with the talents or gifts you possess?
Then you begin to set out goals and a strategy on how to carry out your goals,its important that this be written down as part of your plan.
Every successful person did not become successful by chance but by choice,deliberately making the decision to succeed and doing all they can to achieve it.
Even God has a plan,we find that in Jeremiah 29:11
 God is sure to fellow up on his plan to come to reality,we read that he said,”the word i have sent will not return to me void but it will accomplish that which it was sent to”Isaiah 55:11
That should also be our attitude,have a strategy,prayerfully develop a strategy,set out your goals toward achieving your God given vision for your life.
  • The principle of Thanksgiving
Jesus took the bread and gave thanks,why would he give thanks first,because he understood the principle of thanksgiving.The bible teaches us that our prayers and supplication should be with thanksgiving.David in the psalms further said “i will enter his gates with thanks giving in my heart and his courts with praise.”Philippians 4:6;Psalm 100:4
The bible further said that”we should give thanks in everything and for everything”.1Thessalonians 5:18.
Thanksgiving should be the attitude of the christian,we should not only thank God when its all good but at all times,let his praise be in our mouth .
If we must see increase in our lives we must learn to be thankful to God for what he has done and what he will do.We see Jesus before he called lazarus forth he first of all gave thanks to the father,for always answering him when he calls,lets not take God for granted,make it an attitude to be thankful for the gifts he has given you and for what he will do in your life.
Thanksgiving opens doors and creates opportunities.You can cause God to move when you praise him,your praise and worship is part of your thanksgiving to God.
If you can understand this priciple of thanksgiving you will see the miraculous in your life,you will see God move tremendously.
  • The principle of service/work
Jesus broke the bread then gave it to his disciples to give out.here we see the disciples ready to serve the people,we need to understand the big picture behind our talents,we are so blessed to be a blessing to the people.
God told Abraham i will bless you and make you a blessing.You are not gifted just for you but that through you use of your gifts you might bring life to others.
What is that ability you have,until you put it to use for the kingdom of God you will not experience multiplication.
Service,if you must be great in the kingdom you got to learn to be the servant of all.Jesus one time washed the feet of the disciples just to teach them the importance of servanthood.We are stewards,we are blessed with talents for the purpose of God to be fulfilled.John 13:1-17
You are not blessed to enrich yourself,as some do,but your life is more than material gains,God gave you that talent to achieve a higher call and purpose.We must learn to hemble ourselves so that God can life us up in due time.Theres a due time for our lifting but we must serve first,in service you wait on others,when you serve others God will cause men to serve you,but it starts from you.1Corinthians 4:1-2
So that be carried away with what you want to gain,focus on serving others,start from somewhere,donot neglect the days of small beginnings you must start from somewhere.
Our call is to serve others,until you realise that you may never achieve increase and multiplication.
Faithfulness is required of stewards,at every point of our service,we need to strive to be faithful.God rewards faithfulness and not activity.Stewards must be found faithful,whatever has been handed to you,guard with all your heart.Luke 16:10
  • The principle of satisfaction
Satisfaction is the fulfillment or gratification of a desire,need or appetite.But what we need to understand is that,in Gods plan for multiplication is that we should find pleasure in bringing satisfaction to others.we should find satisfaction when we satisfy others.
Money is not everything, until you first discover your God given purpose,you will never experience true satisfaction.
when you can find satisfaction doing something without getting paid for it,that is a key to finding your purpose.Its important that we understand that our satisfaction is tied to the satisfaction of others.
The bible says they ate and where satisfied,Jesus fed them to satisfaction,there was no record that Jesus ate but he fed them.
In business to be a success you need to find a problem to solve,people who solve other peoples problems receive pay for it,but first you must solve a problem.
We must realise that there is no two of you in this world,there is a problem that you where born to solve.
Any great man today,solved a problem at one time,you must be focused and be ready to solve the problem of others thereby giving them satisfaction.
The principle of satisfaction is satisfy someone else and be satisfied.What problem can your gift solve? You are not far from surplus,once you discover what problem you can solve,then begin to do something about it,you are definitely going to be satisfied and you will satisfy others and gains will flow.
Your success is connected to the success of others,don’t worry about problems be an agent of solution,solve problems.If God must bring you out to the place where he wants you to be he creates a problem,read the story of Joseph or david.
David needed to solve the problem of goliath to be recognised,Joseph had to interpret a dream to get recognised by pharoah,there is a problem waiting for you to solve.
  • The principle of surplus
The bible says Jesus asked the disciples to gather together the broken pieces that where left over.that i would like to refer to as surplus,you cannot get surplus first without your container been full.The cup has to be full first before it can overflow.
Gods will is that you will have “Good measure,pressed down shaken together and running over”
When the disciples followed the instructions of Jesus,after they had toiled all night and caught nothing,they had a net breaking,boak sinking blessing,that they had to call others to help them.
When he spoke about the tithes,he said you will not have room enough to contain the blessing,any blessing from God always grows to overflowing.
We must realise that the surplus is not for you,dont keep the surplus its for others.
Give it out,after you are satisfied don,t keep the surplus give it out,sow it out,invest it back into the work,when you withhold the surplus you withhold your further increase.
Surplus is amount beyond the needed,excess.
God wants us to always have excess,he always gives us more than enough.
God has the ability to multiply what you have in your hand to produce more than enough,your seed has the ability to produce more than what you need,put your seed to work,put your talent to work and see how God will multiply it.
God was able to multiply the little oil of the widow of the prophet to fill other pots and they had excess,the bible said the oil only stop flowing because there were no containers left,God’s power of multiplication will not stop as far as we are in line,using our gift for the progress of his kingdom.

About tajhmahal

i am Pastor,life coach, writer and a motivator,an inspirational speaker.I write on practical issues and how to live according to Gods word and way.
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