some people want it to happen,some people wish it to happen,others make it happen

 ( Michael Jordan)

Our life is a product of our choices,we are what we are today by the choices we make yesterday.we choose to be happy.we choose to be sad,we chose to be successful.we chose to be failures.we chose courage.we choose fear.we chose decisiveness.we chose ambivalence.were we are today,how our lives are today is a product of our choices.
we need to take charge of our lives and stop giving excuses,one way to get out of the problem is to accept that you are responsible and then face the problem by taking steps to get out of it,rather than blaming others for your misfortunes,sometimes we blame our parents,blame your teachers and even blame the devil,for our misfortunes,but we must take charge.
Just know that every moment,every situation provides a new choice,and in doing so,it gives you the opportunity differently to produce positive results.Its madness to think doing the same thing all the time will produce a different result,sometimes you need to change that attitude,change that method and you may get a better result.
To be .Proactive means acting in advance to deal with an expected difficulty.To be proactive means to think ahead.proactive people recognize that they are response-able,they do’t blame  parents,grandparents,genetics,condition for their behavior,they take charge of their situation,they face it and create means to deal with it.
I try not to spend too much time feeling sorry about my bad situation,i have learnt to wipe my tears quickly and learn to figure out a solution,i always ask OK,whats the next possible thing we can do to deal with this situation? i am very proactive and focused.
Reactive people on they other hand,are always affected by their physical environment,find external sources to blame and these external sources act as stimuli that they will respond to,when the weather is good they feel good,their mood is dependent on some condition.they smile when things are ok and sad when its a bad situation,they don’t have charge over themselves,they are reactive.
Your greatest power lies between the stimulus and the response,you have the freedom to chose your of the most important things is that you choose what you say,your language is a good indicator of how you see yourself.
The bible says ,out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh” our mouth is just a channel to speak out what we really are.
A proactive person uses words like “I Can,I will, and so on,a reactive person uses words like i can’t,i have to.With your words you build or destroy your life.Reactive people don’t take responsibility for what they say or do.
proactive people focus their time and energy on things they can control,they don’t spend time worrying over what they can not control.
Stephen Covey divided all our problems,challenges into two; circle of concern and circle of influence.
Proactive people focus their energy on their circle of influence,that’s those things they can control,problems at work,relationship problems children,health etc while Reactive people focus their energy on they circle of concern,they worry about those things they can’t control,such as terrorism,the weather,national debt etc.
Successful people are proactive people,you make the right decisions when you are proactive.This is where setting of goals and preparing yourself for the situation before it comes,don’t be like the reactive person who waits for the outcome before he does something at that moment.
God is a very proactive person,he has everything planned out,nothing takes God by surprise,nothing that happens in this earth.been proactive is been prepared for any situation,be ready.
Paul in the bible said i have learnt to be prepared for anything at anytime,that should be our attitude to life.To be proactive develop the following character;

  • Be Responsible : Don’t blame others for your misfortunes,take charge of every every situation don’t spend too much time worrying but immediately be positive and avoid procrastination.what you must do today,do today.
  • Be Prepared: proactive people are always prepared people,they prepare themselves for the worst thing that could likely happen in any situation.planning is vital for success,prepared people sit down and have a plan and follow their plan up till they achieve their goals.
  • focus on the positive and learn from the negative: Don’t spend your energy crying over the negatives,but learn what you must learn and don’t allow guilt rule you,learn what you must learn and move on with what you have learned,that would be a tool for success tomorrow.
  • Be Decisive:Dont drag your feet about action oriented.
  • Goal oriented and solution minded:set your goals with deadlines and follow them up till they are achieved.
you achieve more success when you are proactive and successful leaders are usually proactive people.
Be proactive about your health,don’t take the pain for granted,go see a doctor about it,do exercises to keep fit,don’t wait till you are too fat before you drop on intake of fatty foods,work hard now and invest,put your money to good use,don’t wait till you have nothing.

About tajhmahal

i am Pastor,life coach, writer and a motivator,an inspirational speaker.I write on practical issues and how to live according to Gods word and way.
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