“We are created in the image and likeness of God…..what does that make you?”


Do you know there is only one you and non other like you?

when God made you,he made only you,special you.He took time to make sure there was no other you in this world,that means you are special and unique.

He put abilities and gifts in you that makes you unique,different from every other person.

stop trying to be like someone else,you will end up been a copy.Be the original that God created you to be,don’t cry about how you look,instead be thankful that no one looks like you,your difference is what makes you unique.Imagine everyone else looks exactly like you.

Be the best you there can ever be in this world,live your life to the fullest,maximize every potential God has given to you.Be yourself,stop comparing yourself to other people,they are different from you,don’t make any man your standard you are what and who God made you and who he says you are.

He is your maker and he is in the best position to call you by name.Don’t allow the name that others call you to stick into your head,call yourself by the name God calls you.

The bible says that God made you in his image and likeness,do you understand what that means? to be made in the image and likeness of God,let me help you understand what it means:

The word translated image is Tselem in hebrew meaning a Resemblance and the word translated likeness in the hebrew is Demuwth meaning similitude or like as,so that means God created us to look like him,we are the resemblance of God;Gods look a alike,we are an outward representation of God,that means when someone sees us they have seen Gods look alike.

But he didn’t stop there,after making man,the bible says“male and female created he them” you are not a male or female by chance,it was divine orchestration,so stop the crying about your sex and don’t get confused about your sex,God gave you a sexual organ suitable for your sex,you cannot be a man with the sex organ of a woman or a woman with the sex organ of a man,don’t get it twisted.

Chapter two of Genesis gave proper details of how it happened,he did not only create us to look like him outward,but chapter 2 tells us that after he formed you he breathe into man and man became a living soul,that means that we don’t only look like God but we have all that makes him God, inside of us.

“And God brethe into the nostrils of man,the breath of life and man became a living soul” Genesis 2:7.

The word breath in hebrew is Neshamah meaning spirit or breath of God and the word life in hebrew is Chay meaning Living or alive,that means when the word says breath of live it means the spirit that made man living or alive,that’s why it further said “and man became a living soul” in other words man became a person.

So God did not only make you like him he gave you his life that makes you a person.You are not a person because of what you do,you are a person of value because of what God impacted into you,his spirit.

No wonder the bible calls us Gods in psalms 82:6 that “Ye are gods and sons of the most high”,its not mistaken,because that’s what happened in Genesis,you can only give what you are and God gave us what he is, God.

That’s exactly why chapter one says he gave man dominion over all of creation,he gave man power to subdue and dominate.its our nature to be in charge and not under.

start seeing your self differently,be the very best that you can be,there is so much potential within you,Gods personality is what you have.Trying to be like someone else is an insult on God,its like saying God you created rubbish but after he created you,he looked at you and said you are God.

You are blessed not because I say so but because of the abilities you have in you,you need to start seeing yourself as such.

Gods representative,his resemblance,his look alike,with his person in you,that means anything God can do you can,if he could create,you can create.

Start seeing yourself as the God that you are mean to be,his representation here on earth.

About tajhmahal

i am Pastor,life coach, writer and a motivator,an inspirational speaker.I write on practical issues and how to live according to Gods word and way.
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