PRESERVING POSTERITY 3 ; Transfer of the Blessing

“And if ye [be] Christ’s, then are ye Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise.” Galatians 3:29

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God  blessed Abram and Abraham sowed and prospered in wealth,he was the wealthiest man in the middle east,he maximised the blessing and worked and prospered.We see the continuity of this wealth in Abraham’s lineage,and his seed Isaac was also blessed,he received the blessing and he sowed in the land that he was in and prospered in a hundred fold.

He received from God what made Abraham thick,the blessing.Also in the life of Jacob also received the blessing in his life and he was a prosperous man,such that whatsoever the put their hands to do they were blessed,it was a transfer that changed their lifes entirely,they were also blessed.


When God called Abraham he told him I will bless you and make you a blessing and I will bless everyone that comes from your lineage.We need to understand the difference between the blessing and blessings or a blessing.

The word blessings speaks of the result of been blessed,we must not confuse it for the blessing,the blessings are what follows a blessed man.

Abraham was blessed,the word translated Bless in the old testament in Hebrew is Barak meaning to knee before,to bless,to Adore,so when the bible says and God blessed Abraham it means that God adored Abraham,knelt before him,that would imply that God must have put in Abraham a quality that only God possessed,that made the difference in Abraham’s life,that is what resulted in the wealth that Abraham enjoyed why here on earth,that there was no record of Abraham ever broke,no his lineage.

That same quality was transferred to Isaac and Jacob that they lived in wealth all their lives,they were never broke.When we talk about the transfer of wealth,I don’t mean money,houses,land and all of that but the transference of what makes you thick,a quality that can make the difference in the life of those that will come after you,it’s a spiritual activity.

If it was all about physical transfer,why did Isaac still have to sow in the land,he could have lived on what his father gave to him without stress,but he sowed and he prospered even more,he had what made his father thick,I would like to call it the transfer of an anointing,the transfer of the Spirit.It totally changed his life,such that when he dug wells and the well was stolen he never struggled with the people he knew what he had on the inside it was able to produce more wells.

We see in the life of Jacob that he propered also,because of the same anointing on his life,even if he had flaws yet he prospered in whatever he did,yes he got the birth-right of Esau because of Esaus carelessness but he didn’t steal the blessing,we need to understand the difference between the blessing of the first born that came with the law and the blessing on Abraham.


The birthright was a blessing you receive as a result of been first son and this had nothing to be in the lineage of Abraham,but Jacob got Abrahams blessing and the blessing of the first son,Esau lost his birthright,people say he was cheated,I don’t agree,Jacob didn’t cheat Esau,but Esau had no value for that birth-right,he valued more the immediate satisfaction of his belly,to the eternal blessing he would receive as first child,but he lost it forever,he chose his belly over the blessing and a lot of us do that even today by the choices we make.

Though the bible records in Hebrews that he sort for it with tears but he never got it back,it was irrevocable Jacob told him,but he still sort for it,there are some things once we loose we would never get it back,ever again,some of us are restricted because we lost some opportunities and we can never get it till we die.

Jacob prospered,to prove to you that even Esau didn’t loose the blessing the bible recorded that he was a very prosperous man,when Jacob met with him to make peace he was already a prosperous man and didn’t need Jacobs gifts.So we a flow of this blessing that produced blessings on their lives.

But we read in scriptures that God told Abraham that through his seed not seeds shall all nations of the earth be blessed,that spoke of Jesus being his seed,Jesus became the extension of that blessing that made Abraham thick and even more to us,if Jesus had not come,we would not be able to access that blessing on Abraham,it would have ended with those in his lineage,but the Bible says that in christ we can enjoy the blessing not blessings of Abraham.

Reuben Jacobs first son lost the second portion of his birth-right to Joseph because he despised his father by sleeping with Jacobs concubine,Jacob took it and gave it to Joseph.

Joseph was favored and blessed such that even what he went through the bible records that the lord was with him and he enjoyed the blessing of God o his life,though he was a great grand son of Abraham,we see him prospering in all he did and those he had contact with saw the blessing of God on his life,that he became a ruler in a foreign land,he was blessed.


So what made Abraham thick and rich in all ramification is ours when we receive Jesus as lord and personal saviour.We areceive the blessing of Abraham through christ in the form of the anointing,the holy spirit.

Anyman who is in Christ is blessed in the same way and more than our father Abraham,through Christ we have access to the blessing and the gift of the Holyspirit that they never had,this gives us access to all of God.

Jesus had to give his life for this to be possible,he became poor so that we can be rich,all we need to do is to walk into this through the faith we receive when we accept Jesus as lord and saviour,you access the blessing and the power to make wealth.The believer is blessed,with all blessing,we don’t need anything else,all you have to do is put your hands to work and you will see the manifestation of the blessing in your life.

The blessing is in us already as a seed,imagine that you should never be broke again in your life,there is so much in you than you could ever imagine,there was no record of Abraham or Isaac or Jacob or Joseph broke and begging,nor do we ever see Jesus,who is the exact reporesentaion of God broke or begging,put your hands to work by faith,it should flow,its natural,you don’t struggle for it to flow,it’s a natural flow,through Christ Jesus.

The blessing of Abraham through Christ Jesus,is yours already,this is the cure for poverty and been broke,you can never be broke another day of your life,it’s a reality if we follow God,the world has a system,but this is a spiritual transfer that takes place once you receive christ Jesus.The blessing of Abraham is yours and much more through christ Jesus.

The blessing is accessed through faith in Christ Jesus but the blessings can only come when we apply some work to our faith.

scriptures : Genesis 12:1-3;Genesis 25:29-34; Genesis 26:13;Genesis 30:43;Genesis 33:11;Deuteronomy 21:17;1Chronicles 5:1-2;Galatians 3:16,29;Hebrews 12:17KJV(king James version)

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