“..But godliness is profitable,unto all things” 1Timothy 4:8


The teaching of faith is so profound,the more you study the more information you find out,faith is the foundation of the christian life,its not just a teaching of principles but a lifestyle that the blood of Jesus gave us entrance into.

Christianity is totally a life of faith,the whole message of Christianity is a life of faith and the life of faith is the God kind of life.

I have learnt so much as I make these posts and we will be looking at another very essential quality or character that we should add to our faith,the quality of godliness.


Godliness according to the Webster’s dictionary is defined as having great reverence for God;Pious.

The greek for the word godliness in the greek is eusebeia which means reverence,respect and piety towards God,godliness.

Godliness is a life of reverence and respect for God,it’s a lifestyle not just something you live today and forget about it tomorrow,not just respect for the church building,some people only have respect for God when they are in the church building,but a lifestyle that we live,whether we are in the church building or outside.

Christianity actually begins when we are outside the church,because now everyone knows how to act churchy,but godliness is reverence for god.we will learn how we can add godliness to faith.


“And without controversy great is the mystery of godliness: God was manifest in the flesh, justified in the Spirit, seen of angels, preached unto the Gentiles, believed on in the world, received up into glory.”

Paul in the previous verses pleaded with the church that they should be careful how they conduct themselves in the house of God,which is the church.The house of God is not a building but the church and the scriptures make it clearly that we are the church ,the ekklesia meaning the assembly of Gods people,the chosen ones,the called out ones.

The church is not the building but the people,Christ didn’t die for a building,he died for a people,he died for you and I,he chose us before the foundation of the world to be his own.Ephesians 5:25

Be careful how you behave yourselves in the house of God,the church of the living God,which is the pillar and ground of truth,the church is embodiment of christ,we are the pillar and ground of truth ,that is what we are,in other words we hold the truth of Gods word through which any one can be saved.

The truth that can set free is with us,the very truth of Gods word.The church is the base to find out about God.without the church the truth of the gospel can not be taken out to the world.

There is no controversy,great is the mystery of Godliness,a mystery that has been made open through the church;God was manifest in the flesh,justified in the spirit,seen of angels,preached unto the gentiles,believed in the world,received up into glory and revealed in us by the precious holy spirit.

We are the embodiment of that revelation today,God now revealed in us,Christ in us the hope of glory.but we must be careful how we conduct ourselves here in the earth and the world.lets explain godliness in two lights;


When we became born again,we received new life,the Zoë life,the very life of God in us.We received that life,the minute we accepted Jesus as lord and saviour,the bible says that the life in christ which is eternal life is the life we received.

So you have the God kind of life,if you are born of God then you have the life of God and you received the spirit of God,and if that spirit that raised up christ from the dead lives in you,the spirit will also vitalize your mortal bodies.

If we truly have the very life of God through christ then godliness should not be a problem,because the bible says ye are gods and sons of the most high,living to please God and living a life of reverential fear before him shouldn’t be a problem,because we have the quality of life that God has.Godliness should be like taking a cup of tea,easy.

We need to walk in this consciousness that we have the life of God in us,the same quality of life,we are one with christ,the very same spirit that lived in christ and brought him out of the grave lives in us that is power in us,Praise God,godliness is nothing we are gods,we should live what we truly are,imagine God finding it difficult to live like himself,he is God,he lives and acts like God,he cannot be like anyone else.

We ought to be careful how we carry ourselves in the church because truly we are the pillar and ground of truth.


Holiness is living a life of consecration unto God,it means been set apart unto God,and holiness is a character of the godly life.

Righteousness we become when we accept christ and holiness is the life of purity and totally committed to God and him alone.The bible says without Holiness no man,shall see God,if you want to see the move of God in your life,live a consecrated life,a life free from anything that contaminates your relationship with God.

The Levites lived a life of consecration because God seperated them unto himself,that’s our case today,we are the temple of the holy spirit so the word says,keep the temple holy,if any man destroys the temple of God,him will God destroy.We are Gods temple,the spirit of God lives in us,we must live the life of consecration that we have been called unto.

God has not called us into uncleanness but unto a life of holiness,we are called to a life of consecration,not a life of impurity,and ungodliness but a life of holiness,God demands of us to be holy as he is holy.

The new man is created in righteousness and true holiness,we should not struggle if we have put on the new man in christ according to Colossians 3:10,we shouldn’t struggle to live a life of holiness,holiness is the life style or character of the new man,if you are still struggling then you need to put off the old man,the sin conscious life and put on the new man.

We should cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit,anything that pollutes our flesh,that is our body and the spirit,as we do that we our holiness gets better and better in the fear of God,reverence for God is the push toward living a holy life.The bible says the fear of God causes us to eschew evil,lets keep ourselves free from all filthiness of the flesh.

Abstaining from sin,not just sins that pollutes our flesh,but when we miss the mark,go out of the will of God and living in sin is one way we can do that,but abstaining from sin will produce in our lives holiness and eternal life,that means sin can cause us to miss the eternal life that we have in christ Jesus.Romans 6:22


God’s divine power has given us what pertains to life and godliness-the word life there is not the natural life but the Zoë life,so we have all we need in the Zoë life,Gods kind of life,to live a godly life.Zoe life contains the ability and empowerment we need to live the godly life.

His divine power,the very power of God has given unto us that which pertains,unto life and godliness,we have the power in the very life of God,what we have received is divine,stop struggling start living,you have the ability to live the Zoë life,to express the God kind of life,the ability to live above sin and to leave the very life of God,the godly life.

Godliness profits more,the bible recognizes bodily exercise profits little,but godliness profits unto all things.It profits for the life that now is; here again the life is Zoë,its amazing after salvation the life we now live is Zoë not ours anymore,no wonder paul said that “the life I now live,its no longer I but christ that liveth in me”,the God kind of life,the bible no longer recognizes the natural life after salvation.

Thou man of God follow after righteousness,godliness and faith,love,patience,meekness.We should seek to live a godly life,the very life of God is within us and that is what we express when we walk in godliness,put on the new man created in righteousness and true holiness,you have the God given ability to live the life.

About tajhmahal

i am Pastor,life coach, writer and a motivator,an inspirational speaker.I write on practical issues and how to live according to Gods word and way.
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