Spirituality today is determined by your work instead of your walk with God.We focus on what you do in church over your walk with God.We need to understand that God values our walk more than our work,most times we put more emphasis on work rather than your walk with God.

Not that I am saying working for God is wrong or not important,but when you get involved in too much activities and you no longer have quality time with God,you will not please God entirely,God is very much concerned with spending quality time with you,so that he can fellowship with you and in doing so,you become more acquainted with him.



The bible says that God created man for his own pleasure,that’s the first reason why we were created,and it was recorded that God would come in the evening to fellowship with Adam and Eve,he would come and spend time with them,so that they can become acquainted with him and in the process get to know themselves better,because self discovery is related to our fellowship with the father.

Much more than the huge responsibility God had given Adam,they had good time of fellowship with God,this is why its important we have a devotion time with God,and he will always be there waiting for you,because he loves to fellowship with you,some of us no longer have a time of devotion,where you just fellowship with God,pray and worship and study your bible,a time to experience his presence just you and him,then you get to know him better.



The ark of God had been resting in the house of Abinadab and David went to fetch it,Abinadab had two sons Uzzah,Ahio,who drove the ark,while they moved it looked as if the ark was going to fall so Uzzah stretched out his hand to help the ark from falling,then God struck him,it’s a picture of been more concerned about work rather than walk.

I don’t know what he did wrong by trying to help but he was struck,God will not compromise principles over activity,he is more concerned about your walk with him,over your work.

Activity does not really mean productivity,as much as God wants you to be strategically involved in the building of his house he wants you to stay and learn from him.



It was spoken of Enoch that he was a righteous man in his time and he devoted his time to building his walk with God rather than his work for God.Don’t get too busy with the work of the lord and not be involved with the God of the work.

Enoch walked with God and he was not,he was not allowed to see death,he was taken away,he did not die,he was the first man to be raptured by the father,because he walked with God,what a way to depart!

The bible says he did not see death,the father didn’t allow death to touch him,instead he was taken away,like Elijah that was taken away,after his time was done and he had finished his work on earth he was taken away,righteous men are taken away.

Some of us are experiencing death in our lives,in different parts of our lives,we should concentrate on building our walk,sometimes we chase solution instead of the God of solution,Enoch walked with God and he was not,may that be our testimony as we walk with God.



Moses asked God to show him his ways; Ways here speaks of a lifestyle,teach me how you do things,I want to know you,the secrete to seeing the hand of God in operation is seeking to know his ways.

How can I know his ways,if not through his word,the word of God contains the way of God,another word for way his will,his word shows his will to us,so if you want to know his way,search and study his word and put it to practice.Teach me your ways.

There are christians who are seeking his hand when they should be seeking to know his ways,let that be your prayer today as you develop your walk with him,teach me your ways,like paul said,that I may know him,it’s the heart cry of the believer,show me your ways,how can you work the miracles he worked when you don’t know his way,he wants to very much teach you his ways that why he sent his sweet Holy Spirit to us,to teach us about the father.

Don’t trade your fellowship with the father for anything,David said “a day in the courts of God is better than a thousand elsewhere in this world” Psalm 84:10.

He is waiting for you to rise up and just communicate with him,” as the deer pants for the water brooks so doth my soul pant after thee o God” Psalm 42:1, when you walk with God,he will lead you in paths of righteousness for his names sake,he wants to lead you in paths unknown,how can we do greater things when we don’t know his ways,make a decision today to build your walk.


MARY AND MATHAR – Luke 10:38-41

Jesus paid the sisters of Lazarus a visit,what a honor to be visited by a man like Jesus,so excited Martha was that she got so busy trying to prepare to entertain the master,but why did Jesus visit Martha and Mary,because he was hungry no,but because he wanted to fellowship with them have sweet communion with the sisters,who he knew loved the lord.

But Martha moved by so much respect and love for Jesus wanted to give Jesus the best,she was busy running all over the house while Mary her sister was busy listening to the master teach, Martha unhappy that Mary wasn’t helping her at the chores,she rebuked her and asked Jesus “don’t you care that my sister has left me to serve thee alone,ask her to come and help me”

The response of Jesus was amazing,Jesus said “Martha,Martha,thou art troubled about many things,but only one thing is needed,Mary has chosen what is better and it will not be taken from her”.

Jesus didn’t rebuke Mary as Martha would have expected but encouraged her, she has found the on thing that is better”.

In other words what Martha is doing is just okay but Mary’s choice is better and Jesus said it will not be taken from her,what is that one thing that is better,staying in the feet of the master to learn of him,nothing can be more important than fellowship with the master,there in our walk is developed.

Mary wants to know the master,she sat at his feet to sup with him,to learn his ways,that is what we should be doing that one thing that is better,I dare to say that your walk with God is better and to be more treasured than anything else.

Recently the great Evangelist Billy Graham was asked what is the one thing he would have done more,in his life,the 92year old replied, “I would have taken less speaking engagements and spent more time with God,studying,praying and fellowshipping with him”.

Martha is troubled about many things,it’s the attitude of Martha to be troubled and worried and its okay,she was concerned about what Jesus would eat,over the main purpose of his visit,that’s how some of us are carried away with so many church activities but that one thing that is better is fellowship with God.

The book of daniel says they that do know their God shall be strong and do exploits,how can you be strong and do exploits it begins with knowing God,how else can you know him if you don’t fellowship with him,spend time with the word and prayer,the emphasis is not exploits but they that do know,their God,knowledge produces inner strength and causes you to do exploits,we must build a time of consistent constant fellowship with the father,if we will see his hands in manifestation.

About tajhmahal

i am Pastor,life coach, writer and a motivator,an inspirational speaker.I write on practical issues and how to live according to Gods word and way.
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