There are two very important questions that will determine your success or failure in life,your knowledge of the answers will go a long way to tell how ready you are for your future.

We can not over emphasize the importance of preparation,preparation always precede success,show me a successful man and I will show you a prepared man.

I have seen situations where people are asked,if you were given a million dollars today,right now,what would you do with it?

A prepared man already knows,he doesn’t say,I will bank the money first so I can think.

An unprepared man will miss the day of his visitation,will you be ready when what you have been praying for finally comes?

The story of the ten virgins,five was called wise and five foolish,great they were all virgins and undefiled,but the wise ones were prepared because they took extra olive oil but the foolish ones did not,when the bridegroom came,the wise ones where taken and the door was shut against the foolish ones.Matthew 25:1-13

There is no excuse for lack of preparation,the things you take for granted might be what will cause you to miss out on that day of your visitation.

Two very important questions,one was asked by Jesus the other by me,from the same story in Mark 10:42-52

Blind Bartimaeus,the son of Timaeus,a blind beggar waiting for this opportunity that could bring about his healing and freedom from poverty.

Jesus the healer was in town,this was what he had been waiting for his life,now he is faced with Jesus that opportunity has presented itself.

Now faced with Jesus,I am sure Bartimaeus did not expect a question from Jesus but Jesus asked him,what can I do for you?

Blond Bartmaeus am sure has been waiting for this and he knew it was not time for stories,immediately he

That’s all he wanted and immediately Jesus knew that Baertimaeus knew what he wanted.
Do you really know what you need,just one thing,if you were right before Jesus,and he asked you,would you not begin story telling,about how bad life has treated you,Bartimaeus knew it was his time and he could not mess with this opportunity,RABBI LET ME SEE AGAIN!
Jesus didn’t have to pray,he said Go,your faith has healed you.
It is easy to minister to a prepared man or woman,are you prepared?


When Blind Bartimaeus heard that Jesus was in the area,and the bible says there was a crowd,Bartimaeus knew that he needed to do something crazy,something he normally won’t do,the bible said he began to shout,Jesus,thou son of David,have mercy on me,and people around him tried to shut him up,but he got even more crazy and kept calling on Jesus,till Jesus stopped and asked the disciples to bring him.

He finally got the masters attention,imagine if he did nothing and just tried to be Mr. Nice guy,he would have missed his miracle.

He did the unusual to get his breakthrough,sometimes you must do what you have not done before to get what you have not gotten before,you want the unusual then do the unusual,how badly do you really want that breakthrough.

You can not be some body,when you spend all today eating and sleeping,you can not get that breakthrough without some sacrifice,how much are you willing to put in to bring your dreams to pass?

The woman with the issue of blood was in this kind of situation,the bible says though there was a crowd she refused to let the crowd stop her,she pressed through and touched the hem of Christ garment and she got healed.

Stop waiting move and take your miracle,if you really want it bad,don’t let the crowd be a hindrance,use it as your stepping stone,how badly do you want it?

About tajhmahal

i am Pastor,life coach, writer and a motivator,an inspirational speaker.I write on practical issues and how to live according to Gods word and way.
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