“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”
― Oscar Wilde


The greatest challenge you have to face in this life is not the devil but being yourself in a world where everyone wants you to be someone else.People want you to be what they want.

Sometimes our parents wants us to be what they couldn’t be in their lifetime,i have met young men and women,who are in college living their parents dreams,studying a course because its what their parents wanted,dating a boy because he is your parents choice.

Living someone else life and not yours.Imagine how it would look like,at the end of your life you realize you have been living another persons dreams.

I would like to say to you that you are living in a box and you need to break out of it and start to live the life that God has planned for you,even before the foundation of the world,his purpose about you is very clear and he wants you to begin walk in line with his purpose.

Your father had his time and purpose,now is your time and the decisions you make now will determine if you will live a fulfilled life,you were not created to live the dreams of others but God created you to fulfill your dreams and cause others to fulfill theirs also.

lets share some ways you can breakout of the box;

What people can’t understand they always fight and try to destroy.

Jesus when he was in this world,the pharisees could not understand him,they tried to stop him by caging him,but they couldn’t.

They called him all kinds of names to discourage him but Jesus knew who he was and lived the very reason he was born.Sometimes we allow people to discourage us and we loose confidence in ourselves.

You need to realize that you are special and God created you for a unique purpose,you don’t have to be normal and be like everyone else,be who God created you to be and do what he called you to be,refuse to be a copy,be a maker of history,be different,be yourself.

Don’t be afraid of the faces of people,keep your eyes up and not on the faces of men,let God be God,for he is able to do just what he said,be yourself.

People are envious thats why they discourage you,they see that you got to be brave and courageous to take the steps you take,so because of the fear that you will become greater and you are different to try to destroy you,stand strong and stay at being yourself.

You are a star..

I believe that you have no right to love others if you cant love yourself.

The bible says esteem others above yourself,doesn’t mean that you should loose your self esteem,but that as you keep your esteem in tact,esteem others.

A man that has no respect for himself cannot respect others,you can only give what you are,people who disrespect others actually have no respect for themselves,so i encourage you to learn to love yourself,give yourself a treat,buy a gift for yourself.

Stop playing a pity party,people are usually attracted to happy people and not sad people,the reason you don’t have friends is because you never smile,you always put up a sad face and that scares others,put a smile on your face,be happy,celebrate you and see how it will attract people to you.

Sometimes its so easy to appreciate others but you feel guilty when appreciated by others,celebrate yourself,celebrate the gift that you are,thank God for you,you spend your time thanking God for others but you,spend sometime to thank God for you,you will only attract what you respect.

Take out time to forgive those people who hurt you in the past,i have taught that when you hold un-forgiveness in your heart,you have only caged yourself and not the person who hurt you.

I know its hard and its not easy,but you have the power to let go,you can do it,release yourself,give it a try and see how free you would be,when you forgive the one that hurt you.

Forgiveness brings freedom,total freedom,so let go and let god,when you hold on to the hurt,you restrict yourself and put your life on a hold,release yourself and be free totally from pain and hurts,you have the power.

At sundry times we wait for others to make us feel good,most of what we do we always seek the complement of others “what did they say;what will my mother say;what will my friends say” stop doing things hoping to be encouraged by others.

If you can’t encourage yourself no one will,because no one really understands you,be like David who in the time of a challenge,the bible says and “David encouraged himself in the lord” stop waiting for others,start speaking sweet words of encouragement to yourself,start prophesying to yourself.

Be the first to buy your product,be excited about yourself,nobody will celebrate your gift before you,so be encouraged,”be strong in the lord and in the power of his might..” encourage yourself.

I dare you to breakout of your box,come out of the shell,start doing things the way God has gifted you,don’t be a copy,be an original.Rise up and shine,the stage is set and the moment you have been waiting for has come,everyone is waiting for you to come forth,arise and shine.

Breakout of the box,your box of insecurity,fear of the unknown,lack of confidence in yourself,your fears that has made you crippled that you cannot move to where God wants you to be,breakout and surprise yourself,start doing what you couldn’t do,you are who God says you are,you are Gods property.

About tajhmahal

i am Pastor,life coach, writer and a motivator,an inspirational speaker.I write on practical issues and how to live according to Gods word and way.
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