Mary Magdalene,the one whom Jesus had cast out demons from went to the sepulcher were Jesus was laid,with Joanna and Mary who was mother to James and Zebedee,to put spice of the body of Jesus ,getting to the sepulcher,they found that the stone had been rolled away and the body of Jesus was no longer there.

They were perplexed and worried not remembering what Jesus told them that on the third day he would rise,as they stood there,two men in shinning garments the bible says,stood there and asked “why seek ye the living amongst the dead;He is not here,he is risen” The grave could not hold him,death could not stop him,he defeated the grave and death and he is risen and alive.

This is not a fairy tale but a real story,it is not a parable,Jesus was dead,but now he is risen from the grave,this is the whole message of salvation;He was born,he was crucified,he died and he rose again for our redemption,without his ressurection then we would not have salvation and cannot have eternal life.

Well the angel asked the women “why are you looking for the living amongst the dead,he is not here any more,he is risen”.There is a hunger in the soul of man,a desire that needs to be satisfied,like the economist says “the wants of man are insatiable” it means it cannot be satisfied.There is a deep in man,that seeks for something that will bring satisfaction.

That deep pulls man into the world of searching,we are all searching for satisfaction that can bring us to the place of rest.When will this search stop,how long will feeling continue.

According to Abraham Maslow‘s theory,the needs of man can be satisfied from the outside in,starting from the Physiological needs – The basic needs,food and shelter,once this needs are satisfied,man goes on to satisfy the next level of needs; Safty needs – Physical safty,protective covering,from unemployment etc.,once that is taken care of,he moves on to take care of Social needs – sense of belonging and love,when that is taken care of he goes on to Esteem needs – self esteem,recognition and status and after that is taken care of he goes on finally to; Self actualization – how people think about themselves ;so Maslow did a good job with trying to analyze the needs of man according to importance.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs starts from outside,taking care of the physical to the inside taking care of the spiritual,and sometimes most people never get to the place of self actualization because of death,because according to Maslow,he will have to go from stage to stage,taking care of each need after the other.

But I would like to show you a way where you can actually get satisfaction,without going through all theses stages showed by Maslow,Maslow teaches you how to go from bottom up but I would show you how to start from top to bottom;There are somethings you must know;


 That emptiness that you feel,that desire that tells you that there is something lacking in you that you need to get,was put in by God,and that emptiness is supposed to lead you to him and him alone,but in the search man ends up trying to figure it out,instead of going to God.Man starts to looking for the living amongst the dead.What do I mean,looking for the living amongst the dead? Its like looking for the right things in the wrong places and the wrong people.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to be loved,we all need love and care from others,but because of the empties and man wanting to fix it,we are deceived to think that sex is love,but you realise even after you give yourself to a man,before marriage,you only get a temporal satisfaction and its just physical,will only last for a few minutes,then you are back to square one,the search continues.

Young people break all kinds of rules and values just to have that sense of belonging,with teenagers it is called peer pressure,just to belong to that click of friends you give yourself to all kinds of evil vices,so that you would be accepted by your peer group,its okay to want to be accepted,but you are looking for the living amongst the dead.

The one that gives himself to alcohol and drugs,to help with dealing with fear and boost your confidence,the pressure of been at the top,why do super stars with all the wealth and money,still take drugs,sportsmen use drugs to be able to stay at the top,what about those that have been killed because of an overdose,we cannot mention all the vises we get into just to be recognized by others,to make us look cool,but you are looking for the living amongst the dead.


Like the woman Jesus met at the well,the Samaritan woman in the book of John 4;The bible records that Jesus was by the well,wearied of his journey,and here comes this woman to draw water,and Jesus said to her “give me to drink” she replied him,”how is it that thou a Jew asked of me a drink”,at this time Jews and Samarians were not in agreement,so they had nothing in common.

But jesus said unto her “if thou knows the gift of God and who it is that saith to thee,give me to drink,thou wouldest have asked of him,and he would have given thee Living water” this was Jesus asking for water,but jesus knew this woman and her need,and his request was actually an offer to this woman,that would change her life forever,that is exactly the case with you reading this message now,Give me to drink? Jesus is asking you to let him into your life,so you can drink from him the water that will well up into eternal life.

Jesus speaking further,said unto her ”whomsoever drinketh of this water from the well,will thirst again” that is You and I trying to fix that hunger “but  whosoever shall drink from the water that I give him shall never thirst again,but that water shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life.”

In other words,that water will never run dry,it will be a well of water that will spring up into everlasting life,it will quench your thirst for ever,imagine you have a well in you; You will never need to drink water ever,because your thirst will constantly be taken care of.So she said “please give me to drink”,she wants that water so she would never come to draw from this well ever again,so Jesus asked her to go call her husband,she replied I have no husband and Jesus said “thou hast well said,because you are with now is not your husband and you have had five husbands”.

Gods purpose was to bring her back to the place of real worship,which was not on the mountain as they were taught but it was now to be inside of man,his spirit,that was why Jesus said “they that must worship God must worship him in spirit and in truth”spirit here speaks of the human spirit,that is the regenerated human spirit,and the truth here speaks of christ,the word of God; God was bringing her to the place of worship,that is the place of true satisfaction,she was satisfied,she drank from the water that Jesus gave and her thirst went away forever,she also got her city to come hear christ.


Jesus in John 6: 35 said,“I am the bread of life.Whoever comes to me will never go hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty.” Jesus is the bread of life,and if any man be hungry and eats of that bread he will never be hungry again,is that not wonderful,that our hunger can be dealt with once and for all.How can we partake of this satisfaction,he further said “if any man believes in me,he will never be thirsty again” the woman at the well believed and her thirst went away,the search went away,that search for love and acceptance that made her to have been married to five other men and is now with the sixth,that search was done away with because she found “love satisfaction” in christ Jesus,because she believed in him.

There is only one way by which we can find all of those things we search for and end our search forever,that is through the lord jesus christ,once you find him your search in life will be done away with, you will never thirst again or be hungry again.He said “I am the way,the truth and the life,no man comes to the father except by me” this is a strong statement,he didn’t say he is one of the ways,or some of the ways he said,I am the way,this is why Christianity is not a religion;religion is one of the many ways that man created to get to God,but the bible says that there is only one way,by which we can be saved,one way and that is through Jesus,if we can confess with our mouths and believe in our hearts that he is lord,all our thirst and hunger will disappear. Romans 10:10

You don’t have to go to the grave side to look for the living amongst the dead,you don’t have to give your bodies to men anymore for sex,you don’t have to drink yourself to stupor or take drugs to be able to face life anymore you don’t have to be like the woman at the well and keep breaking up relationships out of fear,but if you can just believe and give your all to him,by casting all your cares on him,he will give you water that will cause you never to thirst again and you will be the source of eternal life to others because that water will be a well,that will spring unto life everlasting..

About tajhmahal

i am Pastor,life coach, writer and a motivator,an inspirational speaker.I write on practical issues and how to live according to Gods word and way.
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